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May 18, 2017
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Entertainment Agreement


3598 SW 175th Ave. Miramar, Florida. 33029-1604

Office: 954.437.3500   




Entertainment Agreement














Marriott Hollywood Beach          



2501 N Ocean Dr









Lauren Kleinfelter 


Today’s Date: 



$ $800               



$ 475                 


BALANCE DUE:  (72 Hours Before Event Date)

$ 325     

Gratuity is not included, tipping is appropriate and appreciated.


This Contract (the “AGREEMENT”) made and entered into this (the “Execution Date”) has been negotiated between Bruce J. Bernath, in proper person herein referred to as “ Party Specialists, Inc.” for “Client.”                                                                                


I.  Deposit: Upon submission of this contract deposit of 50% of the total contract amount shall be rendered by client to Party Specialists, Inc. contract balance is due and payable three days (72 hours) before the event date, no post-dated checks, returned checks are subject to a $40.00 administrative charge.

II.  Sound and Lighting Systems: Party Specialists, Inc. agrees to provide DJ/MC sound equipment, recorded music, lighting equipment at occasion address at the times listed above. LED Uplighting will be provided in room for Reception.

III.  Cancellations:  Client has the right to cancel this contract within seventy-two hours from date of contract in order to receive a full refund. If event is canceled after seventy-two hours from date of contract, all monies are held for liquidating damages. Absolutely no refunds issued, all monies can be applied and is transferrable towards a future event. Cancellation due to hurricane included. If client cancels for any reasons less than 30 days of event date, there will be no credit or refunds issued.

IV.  Force Majeure: DJ/MC’s performance of these terms and conditions are subject to DJ/MC’s death, serious illness, accidents, unexpected mechanical delays or failures or Acts of God.  In these instances, replacement will be sent out, In the event of equipment failure after start of performance, the total contract amount will be pro-rated to the amount of service provided. No additional monies will be exchanged by either party.

V. Entertainers: Choice of DJ/MC personality shall be at the discretion of Party Specialists, Inc. unless specifically named herein.

VI.  Access to premises: Entering of venue is required one hour before the event for set-up and one hour after the event for break-down of equipment.  

VII.  Performance Area: Client shall provide 10’x15’ set-up area and have available one (1) 6’ table and one (1) 110 Volt electrical circuits with a maximum of 15-20 amp load capacity, DJ/MC should not be on top of guests tables and must be close to the dance floor.

VIII.  Outdoors: It is understood that if this is a “rain or shine” event Party Specialists, Inc. balance is no way to be affected by inclement weather for outdoor performances, Client shall provide overhead shelter for the set-up area. Upon commencement, should DJ/MC not be able to be protected by client’s provided shelter due to weather, DJ/MC will be forced to terminate and the client shall pay the total contact amount for the performance.

IX.  Electrical: Party Specialists, Inc. will not be held responsible for any power failures and faulty outlets at venue.

X.  Client takes full responsibility: You must obtain written permission from the management of the venue that fog & or bubbles is allowed to be used at the day of the event, if for any reason management declines permission, client understands that Party Specialists, Inc. will still be entitled to the full price, under no circumstances will there be any deductions or refunds.

XI.  Special Effects: Client understands bubbles will leave a residue on flooring which can cause certain flooring to be slippery, Party Specialists, Inc. will not be responsible for any slip & fall on dance floor, and it will be solely client’s responsibility to decide whether they want bubbles at their event, Caution: Fog Machine may set off Smoke Alarms & or sprinkler system.

XII.  Security: Client agrees to insure security of the performance area and allows DJ/MC the option to terminate performance if client, their agents, or guests interfere, impede or constitute a nuisance to DJ/MC where the integrity, quality or safety of DJ/MC or his equipment and/or performance shall become detrimentally affected. In this event, client shall pay the total contract amount regardless of length of performance.

XIII.  Client accepts full financial responsibility: Any loss or damage caused by themselves, their contractees, agents, or guests to DJ/MC, his sound and lighting equipment, musical library, and personal property.

XIV.  Optional Charges: If client requires a walk-thru prior to the day of event by Party Specialists, Inc. there will be additional charge of $100.00 otherwise  walk-thru will take place on the day of event at no extra charge. Additional Sound Systems $150.00 per System, If we have to reset up again $100.00

XV.  Governing Law: In the event of a dispute, client agrees that such matter shall be litigated in and subject to the laws of State of Florida.

XVI.  Recording of the Event: Client grants Party Specialists, Inc. unconditional right to release their photographs or video recordings taken at herein described event for the purpose of Party Specialists, Inc. advertising or promotion.

XVII.  Parking Fees: Client agrees to assume responsibility for the payment of any valet parking fees, or other parking charges assessed in connection with event.

XVIII.  Moving of Equipment: DJ/MC must have time to unload & load equipment, from and to van with no pressure from valet or security to move.              

XIX.  Set-up and Break-down: Client will not be charged an equipment set-up and break- down fee for the occasion, and fully understands set-up & breakdown of equipment could take one hour or more depending on the location of the venue.

XX.  Overtime Fee: Additional hours may be contracted on the day of the occasion at $150.00 per hour or $100.00 per half hour subject to availability.

XXI.  Agreement: This has been negotiated and are written herein & cannot be changed, modified, or deleted without Party Specialists, Inc. full permission.

XXII.  Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing: A copy of this agreement has been provided and retained by the client at the time of signing, and have carefully read, client understands the above terms and conditions and our signatures constitute our mutual acceptance.








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Ft lauderdale







Signed by Melissa Bland
Signed on: May 18, 2017

Signed by Bruce Bernath
Signed On: May 18, 2017

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