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What is Video DJ?

The first thing to make clear is that unlike “normal” DJing (which has a history going back to the middle of last century), video DJing is a very young discipline. Nothing is set in stone – not even what video DJs call themselves! VJ, VDJ, video DJ, visual DJ… these are all names used by people who engage in the art of presenting visuals on screens.

What name people choose to call themselves to an extent reflects the kind of video DJing they do. For instance, “VJ” was made popular in the 1980s thanks to MTV, who had personality-style “video jockeys” introducing music videos.

“Visual DJ” can be used by people who DJ exclusively with visuals. In some venues, this doesn’t even have to be accompanied by music (think art installations).

Or maybe “video DJs” may be more heavily involved in mixing pictures, from all kinds of sources – live cameras, old videotapes, bought loops, you name it – to complement DJ sets.

So let’s take a look at a couple of the types of video DJing a little closer.

While the aforementioned MTV-style “personality jocks” basically died out as MTV stopped showing videos, there are still plenty of DJs who make a living from playing music videos.

This can be in commercial venues, but doesn’t have to be – after all, there are 30 or 40 years’-worth of music videos out there. There’s no reason why you couldn’t mark yourself out as a DJ who plays music that also has video accompanying it.

Then there are the DJs who use visuals that are separate from the music. Using bought loops or found source material, these guys produce visuals that can go along with the work of a DJ. Typically they work alongside DJs, and are often hired in to do tours, or to works with DJs in certain countries, to add a visual element to those big-name DJs’ shows.

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