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What exactly is karaoke? Well, karaoke is singing along to popular songs that cover many styles and genres of music. The words to the song appear on a color monitor so that the singer knows when and what to sing. It can be a riot! Karaoke is suitable for all ages. We have thousands of quality soundtracks available to choose from. Using only high-grade professional equipment gives us the ability to make nearly anyone sound good!

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Karaoke: the word conjures up images of wannabe singers in smokey lounges, belting out lyrics to famous songs. Singing karaoke music, however, is a fun way to party and bring friends together! Karaoke is a word formed from putting two Japanese words together. “Kara” that comes from Karappo and means empty, and “Oke,” shortened from Okesutura meaning “orchestra.” So karaoke literally means “empty orchestra.” Karaoke music was first developed in the region of Kobe, Japan, where people would sing along to music videos minus the original vocals. Eager partiers would sing along to the songs while following the song lyrics on a video screen. This phenomenon became hugely popular in Japan in the 1970s. Since then, it has succeeded in becoming a tremendous form of worldwide entertainment. Hosting your own karaoke party can be as simple as having guests sing along to the tunes on your stereo, or as big as hiring a professional karaoke DJ or karaoke KJ.

Here is a brief sample of a karaoke screen for you novices. The words on the TV screen will swipe colors in time with the song. You don’t even have to know the song lyrics!

They’re on the screen!
It can’t be any easier than that!
Kids love karaoke!!! You cannot go wrong with having a karaoke kids party. School dances, fairs, lock-ins, all night graduation party, after prom parties, birthday parties or any other occasions are perfect for karaoke! Kids love to sing and are not shy to perform and show off! Combine karaoke with a DJ playing fun party music and line dances, hosting games & contests, and you will be the host of the party that your guests will never forget.

This is the most common karaoke service. By combining a DJ performance with karaoke, you and your guests will be dancing and singing all night long. With the DJ/karaoke combo, the DJ can either play background music or start the guests dancing, this is beneficial if your guests are yet not ready to sing. Then, as the party progresses, your guests may feel less inhibited to sing. The DJ can then play a karaoke set to accommodate these “superstars in the making.” Once the singers are finished wowing the crowd, the party music will resume. Occasionally, the guests are so into dancing that they don’t want to break for a karaoke singer. If this happens, the DJ will simply encourage others to perform as the singer’s background dancers dance or play inflatable musical instruments as the singers “band”, promoting group participation.

How many times have you found yourself singing in the shower or in your car driving to work? Be a star! (Maybe after a few cocktails!)

Karaoke is a big hit at any event. With the lyrics on the screen and plenty of microphones, there is no excuse not to take part, with over 20,000 titles, surely you can find something to make a complete fool of yourself with. Don’t be shy – upgrade your party to karaoke, and make some memories.

We can handle your karaoke requirements for groups of any size, maybe you only want to have karaoke for an hour or two as part of an event featuring one of our DJs. Let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.

Party Specialists, Inc. has a great karaoke DJ or karaoke KJ, so hire professional karaoke entertainment, warm up your vocal chords, and have a karaoke party!

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