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Sweet 16′s with Party Specialists

Sweet Sixteens can be the most important day in a young woman’s life. Never a dull beat with Party Specialists, Inc. We specialize in Sweet Sixteens with personalized song lists for each young woman and Candle Lighting Ceremonies that are customized for every family member. This is your day! We take DJ – MC steps all throughout your Sweet 16 party to make sure your wishes are met at your event. We personalize each Sweet 16 party so they are as unique as you. Party Specialists, Inc. loves doing Sweet 16 parties because they are so much fun! We work regularly with teenagers so we know what they want. So what do teenagers want? To be with their friends, to hear their music and to have fun. We have all of the latest hits so you can hear all the songs you want. The most important part of a Sweet 16 party is the planning of it. You can make a grand entrance, play games, and dance, dance, dance. If you want to have a candle lighting ceremony we can help you plan that too. This is a day for you to celebrate your 16th birthday with family and friends.

The Candle Light Ceremony

The sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony is performed as a “highlight” of the party. The birthday girl chooses 16 people or groups of people who are special to assist in lighting each of the 16 candles. Prior to the lighting, a brief verse is read on why they are special. Once they are called up to light the candle, a related song is played by the DJ. Your sweet sixteen DJ/MC has to engage both teens and adults at your event. This takes planning, skill and experience to play the cool music everyone wants to dance to. Party Specialists knows how to DJ/MC for all ages. At your Sweet Sixteen party, we provide all of the DJ extras you’re looking for.
We understand that a successful Sweet 16 DJ party is great in a guest’s opinion. We make every effort to help your guests have the time of their lives. Our Sweet 16 DJ/MCs do not stop until you say so. Our music planning in advance, coupled with one on one conversations with you, gives us all of the event information we need to turn your night into a “Super Sweet 16″! Our goal is to have your friends tell you, that this is the best Sweet 16 DJ/MC event they have ever been to!

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