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Quinceañeras / Sweet 15s with Party Specialists

Customs & Traditions:

A celebration is planned for her birth date or the Saturday closest to her birthday Quinceañera! Typically, a church mass is celebrated. The dinner and dance celebration can be held at any type of venue, a reception/banquet hall, or other unique possibilities. We will have a touch of protocol and a touch of special creativity as discussed with your special event.

Consider the following as ideas:

Special Scripture or Poem reading by a designated person
Candle Lighting Ceremony 15 Candles
Signing of the Certificate (Parents and Godparents can personally sign)
Acknowledgement and Recognition of other “special people”
Special Prayer or Verse
Dance Program

After the Court is presented and then the Quinceañera, special dances are reserved as follows:
First dance is a waltz danced with the Quinceañera and her father
Court of Honor is presented
Godparents join in
Males usually take turns dancing with the Quinceañera
The toast is given and the cake is served 

Things to Consider:

Talking with the Priest
Favorite theme color(s)
Dress color (white, pink or another color?)
Music Selection
Guest List
Banquet/Dance Hall
Decorative Theme
Table treats & decor
Choice of Chambelanes and Damas
Formal wear rental
Religious & Cultural aspects of the Quinceanera

The Quinceañera is accompanied by her parents and her godparents (padrinos). The Quinceañera is presented to the center of the dance floor. The event also includes the blessing of special gifts by the priest, scripture reading, music and song. It can be at this time or after the banquet, yet it is customary for the mother of the Quinceañera to place the tiara upon her daughter’s head, the father change her flat shoes to high heels and the Quinceañera gives her youngest sister (or parents) her porcelain doll. This is like the “cutting of the apron strings” where the Quinceañera becomes a young woman.

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